If you too believe that Bill 62 is not neutral, is unconstitutional, sexist, intolerant and so on, know that you have the opportunity to act and to make your voice heard. Spontaneous demonstrations are good, but using the system to counter the system is even better.

You want to make your voice heard by the government but do not know how? So look no further. Here is a letter template that you can copy and paste (do not forget to fill in the blanks with the correct information and adjust the gender) and then send it to your MP. the list of deputies here, just click on the appropriate name and all the contact information will appear and if you do not know which constituency you belong to, you can check it there).

Please, do not wait for others to act for you. If we want to force the government not to ignore us, we must mandate our members to do so. We must flood their mailboxes and their offices with protest letters. In addition, a simple copy / paste, two or three corrections and a click to send an email, all will not take more than two minutes. A gesture so simple, with an incredible range.

Together, let us remind our government of its implementation and their duty to protect not only the minorities, but also the dignity and rights of each and every one of its citizens,

Here is the letter template:

Dear deputy,

As member or your district, I was outraged to learn that law 62 has been instated (Law which favors religious neutrality of the State specifically targeting religious accommodations in certain organizations) by the National Assembly of Quebec, from the Liberal Party on October 17th, 2017. This law violates the rights of Quebec citizens and has targeted mainly women wearing niqab and burqa. This law was created to reinforce religious neutrality in Quebec, but in reality, it violates religious freedom of the citizens of Quebec province. In particular article 9 of the second division that states:”a staff member of an organization must practice his function with his face uncovered except if he is mandated to cover it in accordance with his job description or if his line of work requires him to do so for certain tasks. Also, a person who is being given a service by a staff member of this organization must have his face uncovered while receiving this service. » This discriminates, indirectly, Muslim women of Quebec who chose to cover their faces for religious reasons. This article does not promote religious neutrality, it shows racism, xenophobia and sexism; this simply limits access to Muslim women to public services, like public transport and education. Refusing that certain groups of people may have access to necessary services is utterly reprehensible. In a province that has succeeded in resisting assimilation. I am disappointed the Liberal Party of Quebec has adopted this law with the hidden intention of assimilation. Has a representative of Quebec, I implore you to represent all the women of Quebec in recognizing that law 62 does not only violate religious freedom, but it also discriminates disproportionately a whole group of Muslim women that are being ostracized enough already. As member of your district, as a Quebec citizen and a resident of Montreal, this law does not represent me. Further more, this law does not have its place in a healthy democracy like we have in Quebec. Therefor, dear deputy, I ask you to represent all Quebec citizens especially Quebec women by revoking law 62.

I will be waiting for your answer, from your disappointed citizen, (your name here)


In closing, I would like to thank you for your support and actions from members of my community and mine.



Rédigé par Warda Naili

Québécoise et musulmane, je vous invite dans mon monde.

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