As you are no doubt aware, I am involved in a lawsuit, in conjunction with the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) and the Canadian Association of Civil Liberties (CCLA) seeking a suspension of section 10 of bill 62 on the religious neutrality of the state.

This action is important not only for women unfairly targeted by this law but also for all defenders of rights and freedoms. And they are many.

The process in which we engage is arduous and expensive and we need your help and support to achieve our goals.

I invite you to donate or share our social fundraising campaign to help us cover future costs.

In addition to your donations, please help us spread the word and encourage your friends, colleagues and neighbors to do the same. Every donation counts! Promote the campaign in social media with the hashtag # ContreLaLoi62.

Thanking you sincerely



Rédigé par Warda Naili

Québécoise et musulmane, je vous invite dans mon monde.

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