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My name is Fatima Ahmad. I am currently a student, aged 21 years old. I was born and raised in Montreal, in a Muslim family. Two years ago, I made a conscious decision to wear the niqab, as a next step towards my faith. However, last year, the Quebec government decided to pass Bill 62 which was to restrict Muslim women who wear the face veil from accessing or give any public services. Since then, I have realized the pressing need to address concerns about not only the niqab, but my faith. I was not aware of how many Canadians misunderstand Islam, and I believe that through dialogue we can establish a more respectful, understanding and thus a beautiful society. I do not know how much I can write on this blog, but whatever I write, it is with the intention to raise awareness, debunk stereotypes and address concerns both from Muslim and Non-Muslim community. I appreciate any support and feedback.fatima ahmad


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